1. Took a 500mL enema and have started an anal masturbation marathon. I need a photographer.

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    I have a fondness for cumming on flowers

    I have a fondness for cumming on flowers

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    prostate massage with the aneros

    prostate massage with the aneros

  5. Anonymous asked: what's the biggest and/or most unusual object you've inserted in your ass?

    I don’t do big, I prefer slim and comfortable, or medium and filling. It lets me maneuver into the right places.

    When I was young and exploring I used a variety of things I had in my room, like a drum stick, or a coke bottle. The most successful was an empty M&M’s minis container - it was my first prostate massage. The empty tube allowed me to keep a finger inside, and move it to touch my p-spot. It certainly lit a fire for me.

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    Anonymous asked: I love your blog its great

    Thank you c:

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    Anonymous asked: What lube do you use?

    EZ Glide water based lube, bought three bottles of it several years ago. I really thought I’d have run out by now..

  8. sireasyplay asked: Not sure when you posted this workout. Would love to know how you're doing today and how your anal masturbation is going? Have you purchased the prostate massager that is curved and vibrates right on the prostate. It's one of my favorite toys I use on bottoms who desire orgasm denials. I cater to female submissives but occasionally a play with a few bit bottoms.

    I haven’t found a vibrating massager that hits the right spot yet, all the ones I’ve tried are not that well made. What brand are you referring to?

  9. Anonymous asked: I ADORE your blog! I really admire a man whom is this comfortable with his sexuality. c:

    Thank you c:

    More will come, I am sure.

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